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A Good Year for Barbers

Dominic Bonham

A Good Year for Barbers

Firstly, myself and my partner in crime - Hannah Grigg, spent a week on the road going all over the country promoting the BBA National Student Barber of the Year Competition, sponsored by Denman. We started the journey off in Newcastle, then went down to the midlands, Cambridge, Ipswich and Norwich. We are also very much looking forward to going over to Ireland in March. At the colleges, we did some demos and gave a presentation about the history of barbering, where it’s come from and compared it to the barbering of today. All of the colleges we visited were great and really welcoming so big thanks to them for making our jobs really enjoyable. 

There's a lot in the pipeline for 2016 that I'm really looking forward to.


  • Hosting Scottish Barber of the Year in April
  • Trade exhibition in Dubai in May with my good friends Chris Foster, Erik Lander and Gary Machin & Judging UAE's Best Barber & Shaver Competitions
  • Barber UK in May where I will be hosting the industry renowned Student Barber of the Year Competition finals and helping compare in the boxing ring for the sensational Britain’s Best Shave Competition
  • I am proud to be on the panel on the Barber Council Question Time event at Barber UK. This will give barbers a chance to fire their questions regarding state registration at a panel of Barber Council members
  • I will also be doing some stage work at Barber UK on the Habia/VTCT stand which I am really looking forward to
  • Finally, I will be going to Barber Connect in May

As well as being busy working with the BBA, I also run my own training company - Mike Taylor Education. We had a busy year last year and at the end of 2015 we started to be able to gain government funding towards courses for learners, so I am pleased to say we are packed out with students wanting to learn the craft. It also looks like Mike Taylor Education is going overseas and teaming up with a training company in Holland which I am really excited for.

If you get time, please try to catch the latest edition of Professional Hairdresser Magazine and Barber NV magazine which I will feature in.

So the start to 2016 has been massive for me, but when I speak to my fellow barber friends it seems 2016 has just been as big for all of them. So that means one thing - barbering is here to stay!! This is our time now and lets all enjoy it and share our craft together.

This year will be the best year yet for barbering and lets enjoy it, lets all unite and have a great time.

I hope to see all my barber buddies at Barber UK and Barber Connect this year. I think these shows will be epic and they show the world how far British Barbering has come.